Bodypercussion: No-Bodybeats Perfect!
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Bodypercussion: No-Bodybeats Perfect!

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About this course

Beat your Bodydrum!

Bodypercussion energizes and is fun. Almost nothing is needed to create Bodypercussion-music. Rhythm, motion and voice, are common tools of our daily life. Now, we easily turn them into music.

„… thank you very much, Mr. Boog… absurd moments and archaic bodybeats turned worries in to laughter. Padding shoulders, clapping hands, it was almost like being back  in school. After shaking hands for a few seconds, we gave high five with other participants – emediatally everyone felt somewhat close. Your performance broke Ice easily and delightful. A big help to get everyone going in a fun way. …a true Icebreaker“

Joachim Rösel  Participant 2016

Participants of this 20 to 30 minute bodypercussion-workshop – developed for icebreaking events and summits by boogadoo – enjoy the experience of how music can happen without any preparation. The immense power a well synchtonised group unfolds imediately obvious. bodypercussion allows us during action like handshakes or high fives to greet everybody appropiately and in an informal fun way. Powered up by some action, let´s take another round of (brain) work.

Customers: Single teams – complete companies. For Groups up to 45 participants it is possible to find arragenments for a whole day including creativity workshops. It is also possible to jump in with twenty minute turns throughout a convention day. Just ask for your individual offer.